Creation Kit Tutorial (Create an Enchantment)

Question : How do I create new enchantments in the Skyrim creation kit?

I’d like to create a modded weapon for Skyrim, and I do know how to make it so that the weapon is enchanted, but i’d like to create an entirely new enchantment from scratch.
How can I go about doing that? I can’t find any tutorials. Any that are good, anyway.

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Answer by Raphael Luixendarcht
You cant actually………

creating a new enhancement consume your game and eventually things starts to crash…………..

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13 Responses to “Creation Kit Tutorial (Create an Enchantment)”

  1. ryan warren says:

    the program wont respond when i try to open the enchantment thing

  2. liuspang says:


    1 Question though… I want to set 1 as a fire and forget, and 1 with a Constant, but it doesn’t allow me to. I tried to make both fire and forget, but then it makes the enchantment an enchantment for a scroll

  3. Flyman321123 says:

    what about making a talos amulet that have %80 faster recoil in shouts

  4. The Green Mage12201 says:

    How hard do you think it would be to make an echantment for a ring that drains the wearer’s health instead of magicka when spells are used?

  5. WhiteGamerify says:

    Am i able to put a fire breath enchantment on a sword so when i swing it, it shoots a burst of fire? cuz i cant find the enchantment after i saved it.

  6. MrExpresate says:

    Thanks a bunch! This helped me out. 

  7. ItsUrMom17 says:

    how can i make an enchantment that boosts enchanting?

  8. David G says:

    dont worry about the textures im working on that but right now i need to add the shader like your say. i click on all and in the search i type shader and i found the FrostCilrendFXShader like you said but adding i dont seem to know how to do it i tried unless im not doing it correctly

  9. DARKF0X127 says:

    If you are making a Chilrend armour I take it you are going to use the textures from the sword and add them to a new armour unless you are just taking the chilrend effect. If all you are after is the frost shader which you see in the UIon the item in-game then it is called FrostCilrendFXShader and you just add that into your Magic Effect which then goes onto your enchantment and then onto your new armour.

  10. David G says:

    i dont see none of that

  11. DARKF0X127 says:

    Under EnchantShader in your magic effect which your placing on your chilrend armour, just copy whatever the effect for the sword has into that box. Another option is to add a script for adding a shader onto the armour.

  12. David G says:

    ok hum im actually making a chillrend armor but i dont know how to put the icy effect from the sword on the armor it self?

  13. DARKF0X127 says:

    lol, thats a good point actually. So simple but it should work, forgot about the being able to set the charge it takes. 8)

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