How to Marry Hroki in Skyrim

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Question : Skyrim: how to divorce my current wife then marry hroki in marcarth?

I made a big mistake when choosing my current wife, so i have killed her, but when I wear an amulet of mara and talk to hroki the option to marry wont come up. This is on pc so there is probably a way to get to marry her any help appreciated

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Answer by Steve A
sounds like you married herpes. shes got you for life bud

Answer by ♥ Honest Heart ♥
Some guy on Youtube made a video for PC users. You can see if this works for you.


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20 Responses to “How to Marry Hroki in Skyrim”

  1. Akilroth234 says:

    ‘This only works on PC’

  2. Sadik Twal says:

    Nice tux :3

  3. UziManX says:

    1.6 million of views? Cmon people

  4. Paddyhammer444 says:

    suddenly realises a total badass tank in daedric armour. not some skimpy bard

  5. DaRkDeath861 says:

    i don’t need wife in skyrim

  6. StickJumpAnimation says:

    PlEASE music in 0:01 please!!!!!! PLS!!!!!!!!

  7. Cihan Özdemir says:

    hahaha that was nice :D

  8. TheDustanator says:

    shes probably still in the temple (happend to me)

  9. scarychannel62 says:

    and how to marry her WITHOUT a console?

  10. StickJumpAnimation says:

    please music in 0:01 PLEASE!!!!!!

  11. cardinalsown44 says:

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  12. hjimmies says:

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  13. JkTwins13 says:


  14. KoeiKatsune says:

    Its so beautiful…

  15. MercyCWDancing says:

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    Sorry guys, I have a hacker. :)

  16. WhyTrollSoMuch says:

    They’re pixels, scary, scary person…

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  18. JkTwins13 says:

    She isnt even that hot but better then a few

  19. EpicFamers says:

    hroki is a babe

  20. TheCrazzyrussian says:

    go fuck your trojan fag

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