How to Mod Skyrim with a USB (Max Stats/Weapons/Skills Ect)[Xbox]

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Question : Possibility to get 100 of every skill in Skyrim?

Ok, is it possible to have a 100 for every skill in Skyrim, because I want to be both skilled in magic, combat, theiving, sneak, lockpicking, etc. I seen videos of it being possible but don’t know if that was a mod or not. If there’s anyone who has an anwser or idea, please leave a comment.

Best answers:

Answer by 8
yeah but it will take you ages

Answer by Iggy
I don’t know how to do it myself, but I do know that it is some sort of command cheats.

Answer by Joshua Cisneros
Of course it’s possible, it would just take a really long time. Prepare to have no life.

Answer by J1nXzzz…
Idk but to higher sneak and archery, you have to go to high hrothgar AFTER you learn the 3 wails (Fus Ro Dah) of unrelenting force, and just look for a random graybeard that is usually in the hallways and shoot shoot while crouching…(the graybeards dont attack back)

Answer by MrGrieves
Quite possible. That is, in fact, the only way to reach your maximum level.

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21 Responses to “How to Mod Skyrim with a USB (Max Stats/Weapons/Skills Ect)[Xbox]”

  1. AlwaysBreakingShit says:


  2. khushminderrocks says:

    yo that farcry video worked thanks man doing this now

  3. khushminderrocks says:

    None of the above. broke as in i jumped on to my pc and it’s parts fell a part and it broke

  4. mggot4life96 says:

    Please define “Broke” Did your PC:
    A. Run out of money
    B. Shit the Bed
    (C). User doesn’t know how to use it and thinks its Broke.

  5. khushminderrocks says:

    i hoped on to my pc and it broke it wtf dude

  6. alexandrosday says:

    thanks you soo much it worked i used modio just cos i know how but thank you for the game save

  7. iAmaZeHQ says:

    awwwuh thanks man c:

  8. Terra Hodge says:

    I got this one! Thanks this is one of the best mods i’ve used in a while ;D

  9. TheSkyking101 says:

    can you find a editor tool

  10. AskipwawaGamers says:

    you crazy bastard it works 😀

  11. Unknown808ify says:


  12. Unknown808ify says:

    Dude it does work u just prob suck at modding it…. lol

  13. mggot4life96 says:

    Sir, I would not like to fuck you, I am straight and your are rude. Please enjoy being cock-blocked.

  14. XxyourxmamaxX says:

    FUCKyou it didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Slrauen59 says:

    A curious question if i make a new one and transfer all data into the modded one will i be able to name it and custonize it just wondering…?

  16. ScottishUrban says:

    LOL Yashababy?

    Bitch Please…

    x Elysian x

  17. MrMike8308 says:

    This mod sucks keeps freezing up, Best mod is by iTzYashaBaby his mods gives u all of this and u can created your own guy or gal all perks all quest items weapons & amor plus it does not freeze up had it since december never fail, Do this same mod accept this time let use make our own guy or gal and take away that insane level cap that may be the reason it freezing iTzYashaBaby has level 81 with all perk unlocked all at the start of the game so yeah would have been great if we make our own guy!

  18. TherealbigO1 says:

    another question, do you have to have your gamer pro?

  19. brelonful says:

    i didn’t even have to watch this vid to know wat to do but thnx for da save bro :)

  20. mggot4life96 says:

    Yea, it’s in my tutorials, just look in the playlist, it’s there.

  21. yapadilla says:

    do you have something for fallout3 or fallout nv plz

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