How to Revive Lydia in Skyrim

22 Responses to “How to Revive Lydia in Skyrim”

  1. mckricks1 says:

    what enchantment is that on the sword?

  2. TheAcime says:

    you can do it like 10 times and you have 10 lydias!~!!

  3. rapticus203 says:

    Was that supposed to be English, cause its not. XD

  4. KayChasm says:

    soz ard

  5. rapticus203 says:

    seriously wtf is your problem were you thrown at a wall when you were born or something?

  6. KayChasm says:

    go back to your xbox now and maybe mommy will get you another game soon so you can look that up on youtube too.

  7. mottoloveurlala says:

    in ps3

  8. rapticus203 says:

    you really dont get it sherlock :3

  9. KayChasm says:

    Was that supposed to be English, cause its not.

  10. rapticus203 says:

    soz ard

  11. KayChasm says:

    no idiot.

  12. rapticus203 says:


  13. kiwi4no1 says:

    I think mine died in blackreach. If not then I don’t have any idea where she is. I use Xbox anyway so not much use.

  14. joaobarreiromoreira says:

    Thanks, dude. I was almost crying due to her death here, LOL. Killed by some fuckin’ trolls… but anyway, you saved my life. Whoops, I mean, her life. 😀

  15. kaboomonme says:

    Derp I revived J’zargo this way but he doesn’t have the follower option anymore, now hes just a derpy npc ._.

  16. MrHaloownage says:

    I can’t remember where I left her body

  17. ShiruTayu says:

    Lol, somehow this did work, but it wont let me ask me companion to follow me again :s

  18. TheBayon1 says:

    but if you ressurect her would she be like… a zombie?

  19. bak2snus says:

    Your accent is fucking hilarious! 😀

  20. Aversa33 says:

    Hahahaha…She died a Tragic death by his own sword lol nice.

  21. tamelius says:

    gracias muchas gracias esque se me habia muerto y no sabia donde estaba y esto me sirvio muchas gracias

  22. blueeyesaf says:

    I don’t see why consoles can’t have console commands. It doesn’t make any sense.

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