How To Use Console Commands in Skyrim (IN DEPTH)

Question : Why can I not attack in Skyrim after using the console command “tfc”?

I was messing around in Skyrim using console commands (PC). I used the command “tfc.” I then reloaded a previous save and now I cannot attack. I even loaded my other saves with different characters and I couldn’t even attack on those. Please help!

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Answer by Andrew Clements
It’s a “toggle” command (Toggle Flying Camera). U need to issue the command again to toggle it off.

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  1. Chase Napier says:

    Also, if you need to find a glass dagger (or anything very specific that has more than one word), all you have to do is type help “glass dagger” 4. Instead of typing just glass or just dagger and scrolling through a bunch of items that aren’t even glass daggers. This also works for things such as “dragon priest” “daedric armor” or “daedric sword.”

  2. Chase Napier says:

    I don’t think it is case-sensitive. I believe you can type in item ID’s in lowercase and it should still register as the same ID.

  3. TheGtbTv says:

    ohh nvm i got it :) thanks

  4. TheGtbTv says:

    how do you scroll down on your consol commaand thign whenyou typed help

  5. bkwheeler01 says:


  6. bkwheeler01 says:

    Are you infinitemantis?

  7. Greybeard Hobbit says:


  8. Yiruso says:

    you cant

  9. Greybeard Hobbit says:

    How do u do console commands for Xbox?

  10. David Villafana says:

    you are leaving out enchantments!

  11. David Villafana says:

    no you cant its’ only for the pc version

  12. War Lord says:

    the spell he used was super powerful and required lots of mana

  13. War Lord says:

    u DONT need caps for anything

  14. War Lord says:

    pg up and pg down buttens

  15. Caleb Williams says:

    yea they freak me out to

  16. Connor Lahey says:

    hey bear, lets see how you do against a daedric arrow in your face!! muahahahahahahhahah! I just downloaded skyrim, so many hours of killing await!

  17. Sindre Svendheim says:

    You could write properly too though. No offense

  18. Urmindel333 says:

    Can i also do this in ps3 with a usb keyboard? Please help?!

  19. Mitch Nehls says:

    What is the console command where it is like in free cam but you can still move and shoot and stuff?

  20. GiantsFan651522 says:

    can you do this stuff lik commands and mods if you do it on a disk or does it have to be downloaded

  21. Lioscratch says:

    And also, I think instead of Speech it’s speechcraft. And another thing– I think the ID for lockpicks is a, so player.additem a # would give you # lockpicks.

  22. Lioscratch says:

    Please excuse me if you said this, but why space 4 after player.addwhatever?

  23. Wintel Jr says:

    Thanks soo much!! Great help!!

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