Skyrim Best Follower ~ Dark Brotherhood Initiate & How to Get 2 Followers

Question : How to Get 9000 gold and 2 Followers in skyrim?

You see i have a short amount of gold and only one follower.also i kill cicero was i support to kill him to get more followers or do i have to let him live.

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Answer by Kourtney
Well, if you kill him, nothing changes except he’s just not at the Dawnstar sanctuary. And you can get his clothes. If you let him live, he can be a follower. But the only way to have 2 followers is to have a dog as one. I would recommend Barbas for your dog companion. The other follower is of your choice. As for the money, just do some assassination quests you recieve from the Night Mother after completing Dark Brotherhood and it should build up pretty quickly. Or you can just loot some dungeons. Sell dragon bones, just whatever suits your fancy.

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17 Responses to “Skyrim Best Follower ~ Dark Brotherhood Initiate & How to Get 2 Followers”

  1. Grey light says:

    pissed off at this glitch…. i havent been able to get this glitch to work
    on xbox. w/e tho, i dont realy care for having someone without a real name
    following me. im taking cicero for now

  2. SelejX says:

    I can’t seem to get her to use more than one for sworn weapons.. Is this a

  3. Floris Govers says:

    can i get male, female, and extra follower

  4. InsertNameHere44 says:

    i looked at your playlist and i did everything it required and i even
    finished all the extra contracts nozir offered i then visited the night
    mother and it out me in an infinite loop of speaking to her finding someone
    offering a contract killing them and speaking to her again it wont end and
    when i talk to the initiate and all i can say to her is nevermind

  5. blackRott9 says:

    Also if you want some cool places to live, get The Snake Pit by MadFrenchie
    and the Assassin’s Lair by Elianora.

  6. blackRott9 says:

    Dark brotherhood initiates are good followers. I did an edit on mine with
    the Skyrim Creation Kit. Now she looks a hell of a lot better. I made her
    some of Reko’s Black Mage Armors. If you want some nice looking armor for
    your Listener, try Zerofrost Satyr’s Contractor armor. Love that shit. It’s
    on Nexus and Steam.

  7. Dieseluk2k says:

    Dark brotherhood initiate and J’zargo along with 2 thralls each with an
    atronach staff, don’t forget the dog from Markarth stables. Put points into
    master of the mind and necromage cast Call to arms and just sit back and
    watch as your army destroys solitude with ease. :)

  8. Alex Avila-Sims says:

    Jordis The sword maid is hot so I pick you Pikachew

  9. Demitrij Mikulski says:

    you forgot about j’zargo

  10. Yousaf Hussain says:


  11. Yousaf Hussain says:

    who flagged your comment as spam lol

  12. Frankster675898 says:

    Does anyone know how to fix her stupid glitch she keeps blocking and walks
    extremely slow.

  13. elianrhys says:

    It makes sense that the dark brotherhood initiate is the best because you
    have to complete an entire guild questline to unlock it

  14. Ehz. IanT says:

    How do you get them to folow you? i Fully upgraded and even let Cicero live

  15. Daniel Names says:

    She has nice boobies

  16. swirlingmass says:

    is that the IT crowd joke? 😛

  17. SkipperRay says:

    I equipped my initiate with a Nightingale complete armor set – and it looks
    awesome on her! Would bang!

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