Skyrim Creation Kit – How To Create A Working Mannequin

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17 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit – How To Create A Working Mannequin”

  1. MrJokerman999999 says:

    i love you.

  2. DanniiHandrahan220 says:

    could you make a video or explain how to do this in new vegas please no videos or even written tutorials been gooogliilnnngng for hours with no luck , pleasee helpp!!

  3. boredomtv100 says:

    I’m going to make a new keep, along with several new quests, items, spells, npcs, and much more, but this is going to be a lot of work for just one person. I’m looking for a partner to help with this, (preferably one with skill in building and decorating). I’ve already found a couple different places for said keep, so that’s out of the way. For anyone who is interested please PM me telling me what your skill level is and what your steam and/or skype username is.

  4. HawkFest says:

    The trick is to make sure that there is a navmesh node under the mannequin, and that it’s not connected to other nodes in the cell’s navmesh – however that’s not mandatory since the mannequin doesn’t have any AI package making it move around : the “moving” phenomenom happens because the mannequin, being some kind of NPC, will try to “appear” at the closest navmesh node.

  5. TheSlotcrazy says:

    Are there any way i can make a mannequin pose? Like with an bow or a sword like its about to attack?

  6. RemovedBrain says:


  7. leongt1954 says:

    Fixed it by shifting the trig marker before selecting activate parents then moved it back over the mannequin and all went ok, Another small bug in the CK.

  8. leongt1954 says:

    Can you have more than one mannequin because the first one went ok but the next one when I got to the part were you select activate parents then select the mannequin trig I’m not able to select it and after looking at the things in my mod it only shows the trig for the first mannequin but not the second

  9. MrLogicae says:

    I came here looking if there was something I was missing, but I have done everything according to instruction, yet my mannequins still teleport to one spot. Any new mannequin I make in Proudspire teleports to the stairwell inbetween main level and downstairs. Nothing on Google about this..

  10. Shaverea says:

    Why is my Mannequin preforming idle animations?

  11. MrAndersonTheGamer says:

    you have to put navmesh underneath them, otherwise they will randomly move

  12. pinto123412341234 says:

    Well, my mannequins were moving, but i could activate them, so i activated all and saved and reloaded game and they were all normal.
    Thanks for the tutorial 😀

  13. MrAndersonTheGamer says:

    ignore my last comment, i found out the mannequins spawn in the air because my xmarkerheading didn’t cover the tip of the mannequins heads, so they spawn in the air til lyou exit/re-enter

  14. MrAndersonTheGamer says:

    do you know if there’s a way to fix this? i can activate all my mannequins but they randomly appear in different spots, i have 8 in the same room and the same two on a particular wall always seem to either appear up in the air or in the middle of the room, i tried changing their axis to not be 90 degree angles, but it doesn’t fix it like it does the weapon racks/plaques

  15. Dimitril11 says:

    I followed this vid step by step 2 times now and still the mannequin is there, but I can’t activate it to add armor to it. I had done some mannequins myself, but every time I add/removed armor to them they jumped like 10 feet in the air.

    Any suggestions to solve either/both issues would be awesome. I’m trying to set-up a player house I actually like.

  16. 1355970 says:

    I’d like to dress up two of my mannequins in the CK. How can i do that?

  17. nekopheliac says:

    You should link the trigger to the mannequin as well.

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