Skyrim Creation Kit : How to make a Follower ( Voice Tut )

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22 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit : How to make a Follower ( Voice Tut )”

  1. swdoffa says:

    Why is his head have a darker color than his body?

  2. GiantFlippinRobot says:

    I tried making a High Elf follower but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it because there aren’t any voice lines?

  3. HallofWaste says:

    I did it exactly the same way but i cant talk to him

  4. GreenOmnitrix says:

    thank you man

  5. powexor says:

    Ah! I got it worked, great tutorial. Thank you a lot!

  6. powexor says:

    I have the problem, just saying.

  7. Lord hellz says:

    Essential = Immortal subject
    Protected = NPC does die but slowly
    unique = NPC i doesnt respawn when dies

    these are all the things you need to know other then that , other functions are useless imo if yo u dont make a custom quest

  8. GreenOmnitrix says:

    hey can the followers die? i saw on a forum about creating companions that you either check essential or protected and essential means they can never die and protected means they die wat does neither checking them do/

  9. GreenOmnitrix says:

    u need to set relationships and set the parent npc to the name and child npc to player and relation to ally!

  10. Phantasia100 says:

    I tried that 3 times and it still won’t work, I guess it must be because there is no female argonian follower so the voice files for that are non-existant.

  11. 2CloseShave says:

    you only shortened the vid by 2 mins lol

  12. TheJoosep23 says:

    do the potential and currentfollowerfaction again worked for me

  13. TheJoosep23 says:

    do I have to do the AI packages or is it just a suggestion?

  14. Phantasia100 says:

    I did everything right but I didn’t do the sitting thing as I just wanted my follower standing, but when I go up to try and talk to he she keeps saying things like Yes? or You need something? Never let’s me actually talk to them. I tried to make a female argonian follower if that has to do with anything as I know there is no female argonian followers in the game that I can recall. What is going wrong?

  15. PieZello says:

    He has to be unique in order for it to show his name.

  16. ThatJarebearGuy says:

    Heres my problem.. when I go to Parent NPC AAA1Test Doesnt come up…

  17. Michianana says:

    i crash , my creation kit crashes when i load whiterun

  18. Zoel Parent says:

    Thank you! I found this very helpful.

  19. ThatPcGamerGuy1 says:

    I dont have a update thing

  20. Nathan Pickrell says:

    how do i change the fus ro dah! voice? i whant to change it to put tis pow! from tf2

  21. SnipingSheep92 says:

    how can i make a drow race follower? what additional files do i need to check besides the skyrim.esm and update.esm
    And also if there are more things i should consider

  22. EatMooreChicken says:

    Is there a way to make a custom follower from like a different game? Say I wanted Garrus from Mass effect. If there was a way how would I do that?

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