Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial: Creating a Merchant NPC

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24 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial: Creating a Merchant NPC”

  1. TheNDreed says:

    Awesome guide. Helped me alot XD

  2. vertigoandblastoise says:


  3. SoftPrograms says:

    Windows XP rules…

  4. mrthemoth says:

    Is there any chance we will be able to save some of this stuff over to the xbox like in fallout 3? i don’t see why this is not easily availible for xbox 360 users as i can’t play skyrim properly on my pc but i like making worlds and weapons, but when i used my 360 save on the pc i made some weapons and they revert back when i put my save back into the xbox360. It sucks (not the program, microsoft)

  5. vertigoandblastoise says:


  6. mrjimmyos says:


  7. TheKCure says:

    It didn’t work. There is no menu or anything. He just says, “Need something?”

  8. pinto123412341234 says:

    Hey, how can i make a NPC that keeps shooting the archery target?
    Do you know a tutorial?

  9. SGTFLEXXX says:

    Do you think you can help me? I am trying to use Angeline to use as an apothecary merchant, but she never has any dialogue options, but alvor does.

  10. clienos30 says:

    worked like a charm! since you apear to know much about npc’s , do you happen to know how to create a funtioning bard aswell? ive tried copying several bards, changing ai packages/factions and combinations, but they wont take requestes:( hope you can help!

  11. SasoriDeidara314 says:

    Hello, i was wonderingif you knew how i could add the option “Invest” to my Merchant, I really want to add it as i create a mod for me and some friends, and i want it to be a complete mod for us 😛
    Thanks for ptting off time to explain to me ^^

  12. centific says:

    Thank you very much :)

  13. Nick75111 says:

    does anyone know the exact package you need to use to make the merchant stay in the same place?

  14. monkersiluv1 says:

    you use an AI package. i always use Defualtsleepeditorloc24x8 package and then just change the radius so the npc can find the beds in my level. it is also the way you make them wander and shoot at target dummies.

  15. centific says:

    How can i make a npc sleep from “time X” to “time Y”?
    Thanks in advance and by the way really helpful tutorial!

  16. Jimmt0 says:

    actors don’t show up on creation kit list…

  17. qtrayhart says:

    Hey great video but I have a question, how can i edit an npcs prices for items and services like an inn keeper for example?

  18. Cleitanious says:

    I get the error. You can safetly ignore it. Youre not saving anything to Skyrim.esm or to any of your saves when youre working in the Ck. So there’s no chance of harming those files.

  19. GuitarSlinger2112 says:

    Do you not get the navmeshinfo parent space error after loading skyrim master file? I want to try this but I do not want to bork anything. And just because some forum users say it has no impact doesn’t mean it’s safe to ignore! Especially if some people get that error while others don’t. I will be extremely pissed off if I lose save games over some error that I chose to ignore. Some have said that also loading the update file removes this error but it does not for me.

  20. legolasisahobbo says:

    Use any NPC, then set the voice to a default not unique voice. Add the right factions, potential follower 5c84d. Then set the starting disposition to 4.

  21. ronintheagressor says:

    A great informative video, I wish you had a mic, but still good. Thanks!

  22. Gobbygiblet says:

    Hi err, Im having a bit of a problem. Im trying to make some new bandits they work well enough in game, but their faces are white and argonian faces are pale green. Any sort of advise would be of great help.

  23. dgenrtionx96 says:

    @Cleitanious Never mind, it was the job thing which is why it wasn’t working. You need to include that in the video.

  24. dgenrtionx96 says:

    I have the same problem. The NPC has no dialogue even though the NPC and the faction have the correct settings

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