Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial – Custom NPCs and AI Packages

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Question : How to add a custom NPC in Skyrim voice with a sound file in the creation kit?

Hello. I know there is a built in, record device used in the Skyrim creation kit. But, I am using other people for voice acting. And I can only use their voice for the NPC’s using sound files. How do I implement the dialogue of a NPC to use a sound file? Thanks!

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Answer by DarkerThanZer0
No………you shouldnt do that….although you can,you might ended up screwing other data of the NPC(such as file reference,original audio decoder and compatibility)……

if you insist,maybe you can find some mods in Skyrim Nexus site…………..those people are pros in making great mods……….especially those who received many endorsements……..

good luck…….

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6 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial – Custom NPCs and AI Packages”

  1. Zachylolz says:

    You sound cute

  2. wolfsangeleyes says:

    Very well explained and easy to understand. I look forward to seeing more. Subscribed.

  3. James McGraw says:

    hey. nice video thanks for the video do you kmow a simple way to make a quest…

  4. anonymou5monkeys says:

    I married Sylgja and moved to breeze home. She never sleeps and I want to edit that so she does, I tried editing her current sleep package to be in cell breeze home, is that right? Cause I also set a different outfit to be worn for sleep and I want to see if it works.

  5. traxgames says:

    i married lisette
    but she goes from breezehome to solitude everytime
    to play as abard
    how do i make this package habit go away and make her a real housewife?

  6. PrincessFelixia says:

    you probably have to link them. the ai packages are just the basics but you need to tell them what to do at specific times ect. the xmarkers i think are for the scenes and if you just copy things it breaks everything they are linked to which is probably why they dont work. havnt seen an advanced ai package tutorial yet :( for getting them through doors and around town.

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