Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial – How to Make a New World.

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15 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial – How to Make a New World.”

  1. ACompetitiveHalo says:

    KK TY. Could it be a navmesh problem as well? I didn’t place any navmesh in my world cell, except for a little bit so that the follower can get in and out of the interior cell. The follower still walks to places where there is no exterior navmesh, but there are just certain places where she doesn’t want to go to. And, then I still have the teleport problem. I checked multiple custom followers; They all have the hardly-any-following-while-outside problem, and the teleport problem.

  2. DemonTechnologies says:

    Looks to me that you have a very relaxed AI package, perhaps recheck the flags you have in the follow package sometimes following can be different from one AI package to another. There are conditions, off the top of my head, that can be made so that they follow you closely. I am quite familiar with making followers and am currently in the progress of making a tutorial for one. Watch it when it comes out and if this didnt help then maybe something in the video might 😉

  3. ACompetitiveHalo says:

    I need some help with two things wrong with my World Cell. I made an interior cell in it, and I made a follower. The follower comes out of the building into the exterior cell, but he doesn’t follow me to too many places. If I go any further than like ten steps away from the follower, he doesn’t come until I move to where it can come to me. Also, when I go BACK to the interior cell, my follower doesnt appear in the front door. He ‘teleports’ to another room, along with 2 other NPCs. Plz Help! TY!

  4. meltontyler says:

    yea this is my first attempt at modding i just started a month ago i think lol oh and to get people to ur videos it seems they go to videos where the person talks but its up to you i find your vids helpful anyways but they may help ur ratings go up

  5. DemonTechnologies says:

    really good idea ;D forget the nexus forums if you want to know how somethings done the best way, imo, is to pull up an instance of when it happened in game. Open it in creation kit and just see all the scripting and objects involved in making that thing work the way it does. Thats how i learnt at the beginning but to me you look like you know your way around the creation kit ;P

  6. meltontyler says:

    oh and how to make a your own shout i know how to do that but i have get a refresh on it because dragon words have a weird code they use so they show up in a menu but it all falls into the spell section so one good long video on powers shouts and spells should be great for your channel god knows the nexus forums are no help so all the help comes from videos now lol

  7. DemonTechnologies says:

    lool yeah i want to good for some views 😉 got this catapult one coming up as well as the bard one which means two unique ones on their way 😉

  8. meltontyler says:

    now if you make a video on making a bard youll be the only one on youtube lol

  9. meltontyler says:

    ok have hard labor(yeah right lol) ok i was able to make the bard work it is all about location location location location u need to copy a tavern location rename it ur liking go to the cell in which ur bard is at edit the cell and where it says location set to your location u made. now since the keywords are the same from the tavern u wouldnt have any issues now the bard that goes around skyrim and sings has a differnt scripting method and doesnt rely on a tavern but i havent figured that out

  10. DemonTechnologies says:

    I saw that too when i tryed to duplicate Mikael who sings in whiterun, there is a trigger box which enables his ‘scene’ to occur, so i tryed duping him outside, along with a dup of the trigger. It looked like it was about work but when i went to speak to him dialog wouldn’t go further then hello. So it deffinately is something to do with the location just need to figure out how. I’ll keep trying you do to 😉

  11. meltontyler says:

    what i found out and i had to dig deep was the scripting is linked to the location so if a bard is in a tavern it will have that option to make a request i found this out by making a bard a follower and taking it out side of the tavern and telling her to go back home and talked to her again nothing till i did that while in a tavern in riverwood and befor she left i was able to ask her but since she was going to her home location she didnt sing so i really think it has to be a tavern location

  12. DemonTechnologies says:

    i saw no scripting or ai packages which lend themselves to bards. Only a linked xmarkerheading which tells the bard where to sing with the keyword “BardPlaySpot” yet im almost definite it has something to do with the dialogue options. Luckily whilst doing that I discovered how to make a catapult which can fire when activated so that can be an “in-between” video while we sort this bard nonsense out 😛

  13. meltontyler says:

    i heard it has to do with something about location when u set up a location for area but idk how to do that yet

  14. DemonTechnologies says:

    I understand now what you mean by the difficulties of copying bards, instrumental ones are very easy yet i found out the singing ones are very much reliant on other triggers and in-built scripts. I looked to see if i could make one from scratch, and then copy an existing one yet both ideas didn’t work. I recommend you keep trying and whilst i’m putting other videos up i will be seeing how to tackles this problem as it is an extremely tricky one :/

  15. meltontyler says:

    Sorry didn’t mean to but a ?

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