Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorials – Episode 12: Lighting and FX

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19 Responses to “Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorials – Episode 12: Lighting and FX”

  1. antstubell says:

    When my character walks through water I get no “paddling/wading” sound. How can I add/make the walking through water sounds?

  2. demonx242 says:

    could you use scripting to make deadra spawn out of the purple-ish portals when you walk past a certain point kinda like when you enter a room and drauger bust out of the tombs

  3. Hoothereitis says:

    Is there any way to add lighting effects to weapons and armor?

  4. antstubell says:

    In the tutorial where you/we build the halls and rooms you placed a section of wall, think its called Nordic Side Large Dam and you said you were going to use it later. Are you going to put something there? What is that section for? Will it be used in tutorials following this? If its not used then I am going to delete it and put a normal wall side in its place.
    BTW great tutorials.

  5. Icyykit says:

    Hey, great tutorials, but could you explain sound effects? I have a little dungeon and a path that’s cut off with a blue glow at the turn and I want it to have a little distant waterfall sound as if it was out of sight but none of the effects I put in play anything in game.

  6. Maxthegamer26 says:

    That means
    Epic guy

  7. Maxthegamer26 says:

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  8. kronos548 says:

    full on agrre. would be nice to make a new island or something and be like a fan mad expansion for the game.

  9. galaxxy09 says:

    Thanks so much! it works!
    thanks for the tutorial, would hope for more soon!

  10. MrNicoPuerto says:

    I’m not sure if this will help, but right click in the grey void (or optionally go to File > Preferences), and select “Render Window Properties”. go to the “Shaders” tab and make sure the “Shadows” check box has a check mark in it.

    For a while I couldn’t even get shadows to display in the CK.

    You might also have to restart the CK for the changes to be made, so hit “apply”>”Ok”, exit, and then restart it.

    Hope this helps!

  11. MrNicoPuerto says:

    i have got the same problem -_____-‘ the light bulb is red only if i have shadow light on.

  12. galaxxy09 says:

    sometimes i want a light for a candle for instance but when i get an item from the object window the light bulb thing is red! Please i need help!

  13. sargondp69 says:

    Now we are getting somewhere. Thanks so much for these tutorials. My Hobgoblins are enjoying the new atmosphere for our test battles. Maybe I can make my first dungeon look as good as Grimlock!

  14. judasbrass says:

    if you want to change the lighting scheme of your dungeon to be darker, right click on your dungeon in the cell view window, then click on the Lighting tab, and select a different Lighting template.

  15. judasbrass says:

    My dungeon seems to be lit up quite well without these effects. How do you get the dungeon to be dark?

  16. boredomtv100 says:

    I’m going to make a new keep, along with several new quests, items, spells, npcs, and much more, but this is going to be a lot of work for just one person. I’m looking for a partner to help with this, (preferably one with skill in building and decorating). I’ve already found a couple different places for said keep, so that’s out of the way. For anyone who is interested please PM me telling me what your skill level is and what your steam and/or skype username is.

  17. generalagrippa says:

    Great video, but one thing i am completely lost in is how to make a skybox. in the creation kit tutorial you just get a link to the glossary for the definition. For example how did the sky backround get into the Ragnvald01 cell (creation kit), Im wondering how to do that. If anyone knows a video where this is explained could you please send it to me.

  18. lanocondo says:

    whenever i drag a shadow-casting light into the render window it appears as a RED LIGHT BULB and does not produces light at all. help

  19. lanocondo says:

    Search for “WarehouseAmbushes” on the interiors cells, search for the ambush animation you want for your draugur there and then copy and paste it in you dungeon

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