Skyrim Dragon Taming?

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Question : How do you play Skyrim?

I’ve never played a game like Skyrim before. Can someone give me some advice on how to play? Or how to use objects and such?

I’ve noticed that this is like a medieval version of Fallout, but even then, I never got very far in Fallout and such.

How do I use the thing at the top of my screen, I’m guessing that’s the compass, to help with my quests.

The red bar at the bottom is my health which looks like it decreases both sides? And the green bar on the right side is my stamina(similar to Dead Island, as in, it runs out and I can’t attack anymore)?

I chose Thief as my class thingy, is that ok? What should I focus on in this class? Or should I choose a different one?

I’d kinda like to use the bow&arrow, but not focus on it I guess.

Can someone maybe direct me to a site that could answer all my questions/future questions?

I just got told to go I think to Whiterun? I don’t remember, but I saved around there.

I’m sure it’ll tell me about stuff as I go, but I’d rather know ahead of time so I’m not sitting there for a while scratching my head at what I should do.

I also chose a Dark Elf as my race and again, Thief as my class. Is it too late to change classes if I don’t like Thief?

I was told that I can chose to be a Werewolf or a Vampire. When/How do I become? Can I be both? What are the pros and cons?

My friend apparently has a pet fox?

Do I just kill dragons or can I tame/ride em? How do I find em so I can do whatever to em?

Thanks to anyone who helps. Sorry for all the questions :(

All of my questions being answered in one post would be very helpful :)
I also kinda liked lockpicking at the begining of the game with the cages and such. Anymore of that in the game? Is it something that can be useful as I’d like to keep it.

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Answer by SteveO
The better question is how now to play Skyrim. The game can be played however you like. You can’t be both werewolf and vampire, and being vampire sucks anyway. The Dark Elf/Thief combination will work…and you’re a thief, so what should you be working on to be a good thief (certainly not as much as heavy armor over sneak and pickpocket)? I would recommend using one handed and two handed weapons more than the bow unless you want to shoot from long distances and do minimal damage. You should check out the IGN wiki for any more information you want/need. And you just kill the dragons, although there is one brief moment much later on in the main quest where you ride a dragon to your destination.

Additionally, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are made by the same company, so the two game franchises are going to work pretty similar. I prefer Elder Scrolls to Fallout, but love both games.

Answer by pjs
Well your first time playing a game like this I garuntee you will make mistakes in your class focus race etc.. (I still remember my first character from Oblivion :S).

I think the easiest way for you to get familiar with the mechanics is probably to us your Dark Elf character as a melee fighter but also using a bow for certain fights when you need it. You should probably also change your star sign to the Warrior if you go down this path

Dark Elves are also good sneaky characters for lock picking and sneak attacks, but i find that is a pretty challenging role to play as your first character so try to avoid that for now.

As far as where you are/where you should go, you should probably continue with the main quest for a little longer– go to Whiterun and see what they need etc. (I wont spoil any of it for you). But getting a few parts of that main quest out of the way is pretty beneficial. But once you feel comfortable feel free to adventure and do whatever you want. A good place to start for your type of character would be to join the Companions (they are in the upsidedown boat looking building in Whiterun). You can get some good armor and weapons from them as them.

Hope some of this helps, good luck to you.

Answer by Username; how very creative
I don’t think you can choose a class. I chose Argonian and got all the bonuses, but never chose a class. If you’re talking about stones you come across early in the game, you can go back there. I recommend archery, enchanting, smithing, and sneak. You can eliminate a lot of tough opponents and mobs at a distance that way while taking minimal damage, and attack dragons without waiting for them to land. Enchanting and smithing lets you power up your attacks and attributes(Smithing is quick since you can level up by smithing iron daggers. Don’t go up too quickly as enemies scale to you level). You can train lockpicking, but I get along just fine without upgrading its perks, just so you have plenty of lockpicks.

Answer by ♥ Honest Heart ♥
1. The thing at the top of your screen is indeed your compass. It shows you what direction you are traveling in. As you walk in different directions you will notice little icons on your compass. A black icon is a place that you haven’t discovered yet, a white icon is a place that you have already been to. There are different little icons for each type of place, a keep or fort may have an icon that looks like a tower, whereas a glade may have an icon that looks like a tree.

2. Yes, the red bar is health. It depletes on both sides and when it gets to the point where there is only a tiny bit of red in the middle, that means you are nearly dead. The green bar to the right is stamina, and that tells you how much energy you have to sprint or execute power attacks and the like. The blue bar to the left is magika, that is your reserve of magic energy that you need to perform spells.

3. You don’t exactly choose a class in this game. You pretty much play the way that you want to and choose perks depending on your playstyle. Every time you level up, you get a perk to spend. You can save them for a while until you’ve decided what skills you want to use them on. If you like thief skills, go with it, but just because you put perks in a lot of theif skills, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some of them on warrior skills too.

4. Bows and arrows are fine. But whether you choose melee or ranged, you might want to keep something else in the back of your mind for emergencies. For instance, even if you primarily fight with a bow, it might be good to keep a dagger or a sword in your inventory just in case the fighting gets up close and personal.

5. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Skyrim

6. Yep, Whiterun is one of the first places you’re told to go. And it’s a bigger city than riverwood, so it’s not a bad idea to make your way there. Explore undiscovered icons along the way, and talk to every NPC you meet.

7. You can’t change your race, but like I said you can be whatever you like. Dark elves make pretty decent rogues and mages. Or you could always go for a combo of both.

8. Yes, you will have opportunities to become a werewolf or a vampire (though you can’t be both at the same time). Vampirism in the game is a disease, so if you are fighting vampires and you get bitten, you may become one. (Tiny Spoiler:) The easiest way to become a werewolf is to join the fighter’s guild called the Companions when you get to Whiterun. Do some of their quests and the option will come up eventually.

9. Never seen a pet fox. But there are dogs in the game that you can adopt as pets.

10. You just slay them. Don’t worry, you will find lots of them. Kind of hard to miss them because you hear a loud roar and the screen starts to shake a bit.

11. There are plenty of opportunities for lockpicking. There is also a whole skill tree with perks related to it to make locks even easier to pick.

Good luck.

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    Kind of creepy, how its head just follows you wherever you go.

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    ro-ro-rotate your dragon!

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    Doesn’t work after the update.

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    To be honest, it looks like a Skyrim version of dancing on ice. One stands still whilst the other just walks around him/her

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    how to train your dagon

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    This doesn’t work

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    The dragon has retarded eyes? Sweet (?)

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    Does this actually work

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    the way it is looking at you is creepy

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    Something werid like this happend to me on friday, i was on a mounting blood dragon starts attacking me i attack back and it comes down and lands next to me just staring and following me with its head it was so funny lol i killed it at the end

  14. bullclaws says:

    LOL, “How to tame your dragon” reference to the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

  15. welshpixie says:

    It’s neither a mod or a ‘hax’. It’s a bug. It’s also a joke, which most people here understood clearly ;p

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    yeah a torch MIGHT work but you skyrim noobs seem to forget ITS A DRAGON and you are DRAGONBORN so this is clearly either a mod or hax, either way its clearly not true -.- AND BEFORE you start talking about the desc, YES i did read it and YES you do take liability regardless what the desc say because its YOU who lied to the people watching.

  17. ilovescakebish says:

    Your fucking stupid thats not the high hrothgar dragon itlooks like a regular blood dragon. if it was the onefrom high hrothgar it would say it when she had her cursor on it aaaand the one in high hrothgar looks waaaay more badass! Score one for the guy who REALLY plays the game… (unlike you)

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    is this pc version?

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    Looks like those stupid youtube pugs….

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    The dragons like a deer caught in the headlights

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    You forgot to make “Russian Rickroll” play in the end. :3

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    how do you get the dragon to land anyway?

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