Skyrim – Fastest Way to Level Up Blacksmithing Guide!

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Question : Skyrim: What are FAST and EASY ways to level up enchanting, smithing, and alchemy?

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Answer by Jim
Being single.

Answer by Gamergirl
when your first start off in whiterun find the smithing shop buy as many lessons as you can. Then go outside do everything you can sell it buy more lessons and materials keep doing that til you cant. alchemy gather as much stuff like flowers and mushrooms stuff like that on the way to white run find the alchemy shop do the same as above. enchanting you wont do much with that until you get to winterhold jsut do the missions once you get there

Answer by Kling
To easily level your alchemy, gather as much ingredients that you can and use the alchemist lab as often. If you discover a new recipe then your alchemy skill will increase.

For smithing, do the same thing with alchemy. You can level it to 100 immediately once you reach Whiterun, all you need to do is buy IRON INGOT and LEATHER (preferably PELTS). Forge a iron dagger, as many as you want, and enhance it with the grindstone using IRON INGOT. Once you have it sell the dagger, and buy IRON INGOT again. Do it as many as you want until you reach level 100. If there are no more MISC item then wait for 24 hours to reset the shops.

For enchanting, the best way is disenchant items. If there are no more items to disenchant, then enchant an item. You must have lots of soul gems (lesser soul gem is appropriate) that is filled with soul to do this. You can use the dagger that you smith earlier, and enchant it with any enchantment.

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16 Responses to “Skyrim – Fastest Way to Level Up Blacksmithing Guide!”

  1. killer414 says:

    Its not just cow hides.. Most animal skin can produce leather. A commonly found thing is wolf pelt

  2. MrDeathbylysol says:

    i have 82 smithing and am only level 21 and ebony armor

  3. igormadg says:

    gold rings dude, get the transmute mineral ore spell and spend you mony buying iron ores, with the spell you transmute then to gold ore (first to silver) and just smelt the gold ores and make tons of gold rings, now the smithing level improves according to the item price

  4. FilipinoFrappuCChino says:

    Orichalcum is an actual word. Bethesda didn’t make it up for the orcs. And its not pronounced eeebawny.

  5. entyTV says:

    Not like that now ,, if anyone finds a new way (after update) please message me

  6. Alex Deluca says:

    getting ebony is not hard stores sell them and daedra hearts for a full set of daedric you only need 4 hearts shrine to merhunes dagon 4 daedras and 5 ebony ingots

  7. MetalFireChannel says:

    By me , is this not so fast lvl up with Smithing .

  8. Albatross6014 says:

    You pronounce “orichalcum” as “or-ik-cal-cum”. Just to let you know. :)

  9. Jack Cahall says:

    we’ll ok then

  10. scoutguy14 says:

    guys with the new dlc if you have it, you can make arrows and they level you up faster than daggers, it doesn’t take much, just 1 firewood and 1 ingot of choice, i.e. iron, steel, ebony, that sorta thing. also if you don’t have the dlc you can craft leather bracer and/or helmets, that will also rank you up pretty fast, and it still isn’t that expensive, about the same as iron daggers.

  11. abdul adi says:

    i got daedrec at lvl 21 with dagons thing

  12. abdul adi says:

    orcish can get to lengendary

  13. Alador1555 says:

    Violets are blue,
    my name is Dave,
    this is a random comment,

  14. cesar0421 says:

    Save your game after you buy all ignots from lady and hit her once then load again! TADA! More iron (: faster

  15. xSHiF7 says:

    @propanda241 I don’t know if u have xbox but I did this on xbox
    1.Go to dashboard
    2.Go to Memory
    3.Go to Skyrim memory and delete title update
    4.Launch Skyrim and do not update it (This will sign you out of XBL)
    5.Have Fun!!!
    (Note:If you have done with the glitch then save go back to dashboard and update the game )
    Note2:I do not know how this works for Ps3 so do not ask

  16. propanda241 says:

    then do you save, quit get back on and update? i dont want to lose progress or accidentally delete my sky rim progress

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