Skyrim glitch chests (with some of the best items) [merchant chests]

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20 Responses to “Skyrim glitch chests (with some of the best items) [merchant chests]”

  1. ThePhi1ly says:

    Yes, I know it’s in Dawnstar, that’s the point. The Dark Brotherhood have roots in Dawnstar, and if you do their questline, they have a sanctuary there. If not, Cicero still uses the sanctuary.

  2. TheMll3nz says:

    right lol

  3. demonchild0111 says:

    Whn your doing a Vid on Skyrim if its dark just wait till its light plz

  4. Acreedsbattlefield says:

    fk lol i knew them both already but checked the 48 hour and boom another dragon on my tail :O

  5. some148 says:

    i love uu (no im not gay)

  6. 8lappa8 says:

    The content of the chests usually depends on your level though. You get quite awesome stuff anyways 😀

  7. wexfaronn says:

    just a hint before u do this take off all ur items and if u have lidya bring her with u take all the items and give half to ur thane easier way so u dont have to go back and forward

  8. creeper22able says:

    epic intro!

  9. davidkrzic says:

    or if you go to the thing that you can tipe and then tipe in: coc qasmoke
    then you will get a secret room that will have some chests or something like that with each item in-game.
    (a tip:don’t open the enchanted items one becuse If you don’t have a strong comp. than skyrim will crash.)

  10. JackyPlays says:

    Mods my friend, mods.

  11. TheMll3nz says:

    URUK-HAI-SWORD? WTF i want it but it never comes up

  12. NMFYugoslav says:


  13. xXDuBsTePLoViNXx says:

    do you have to be a high levle to get the awesome stuff

  14. XeroXType says:


  15. 1125563macs says:

    can i this on pc whit tcl

  16. goosequillian says:

    You ‘gonna’ all the time.

  17. MrChriodante says:

    plus there are 6 more in the theives guild ragged flagon you have to whirlwind sprint at a wall with a plate between u and wall just look around ull find the vid on here sumwhere lol

  18. Thetwoediotfriends says:

    gotta say, epic intro

  19. MrEvilDoggy says:

    the 2nd one is patched

  20. paintballarmy27 says:

    what level are u?

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