Skyrim – God Mode (PS3-PC-Xbox 360)

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12 Responses to “Skyrim – God Mode (PS3-PC-Xbox 360)”

  1. VirusHacker911 says:

    great hey patched it just recently, fantastic

  2. TheMutatedKitten says:

    I never knew you could rename your enchanted items. How do you

  3. xxxhellfangdragonxxx says:

    he said took the fun out of it for using a 1 hit kill wep constantly but u already took the fun out of the game by creating such stupid gears

    play the game as is instead of using cheats

  4. Hector Morales says:


  5. VirusHacker911 says:

    i tried that and im trying to upgrade my already top weapons but when i use the potion it wont let me increase them anymore

  6. Rise Kujikawa says:

    why not use daedric armor?

  7. adamushu says:

    you have to upgrade them at the grind stone

  8. VirusHacker911 says:

    if i made the god mode smithing potion does it work for weapons because i tried using it on my weapons and it wouldnt let me upgrade them to god mode

  9. Brad Haley says:

    Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

  10. Tyler Cribb says:


  11. onxywalt says:

    Yea it still works

  12. MrMrassasin says:

    nice hope this still works

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