Skyrim Guide – Tips on How to Level Up Fast!

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12 Responses to “Skyrim Guide – Tips on How to Level Up Fast!”

  1. SkaF47 says:

    its a conjured bow

  2. 2001mrwiigamer says:

    Let me guess, easy, and Lydia.

  3. Raúl Mario Treviño Mendiburu says:

    who do you the bow invisible ?

  4. dragonkiller884 says:

    I cant shoot my follower ill 1 shot him :(

  5. CounterNerd says:

    Or you actually play the game and do the quest that are provided for you in the order of difficulty. Idiot.

  6. 90GirlAussie says:

    were do you get that bow?

  7. Skin1up4me says:

    Best Skyrim channel on youtube. Love the videos mate

  8. VaultTech2300 says:

    dont forget to enchant and sell them for shit tons of cash 😀

  9. BsProOrLame says:

    -.- FUS RO DAH And Frost Breath

  10. kelsangnator says:

    Do this in High Hrothgar with the Grey Beards. Shoot them while they are praying

  11. thefunny1js says:


  12. RejectJohn says:

    what if ur khajit

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