Skyrim – How to Change your Character in mid-game

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Question : What good video games are out there where you can create your own character?

It was hard to make a title for this >.< Anyway, I absolutely love the Fallout and Oblivion games (I've already played through Skyrim and New Vegas) and I cannot seem to find any other games similar to them. I love where you can customize your character and weapons and get to play through your own story. Are there any other good games out there that are a little similar?? Best answers:

Answer by Robert
Well, any RPG lets you have that sort of fun. Admittingly, some stick you with a character you don’t like the look of and if you could remake him/her in a different scheme, you would but you’re stuck with them. I guess Two Worlds and Two Worlds 2 were somewhat like Oblivion….more Two Worlds than its sequel.

Answer by Old Bookworm
The Neverwinter Nights games – I loved the first game and its expansion packs, especially Hordes of the Underdark. I didn’t like NWN2, but that’s a personal opinion, lots of people liked it better than NWN1

Dragon Age
The Divinity series
Sacred’s OK, but too hack and slash for my liking.

Answer by Chris
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an RPG where you can make Your own character and is a massive open world.

Answer by Nirathina
kingdoms of amalur – like the elder scrolls series there is an open world and several side quests, not as massive as in oblivion/skyrim though. you can also choose your own race at the beginning.

dragon age origins – even though this one has many side quests, you are forced to play through teh main storyline more than in other games. despite that its one of my favourites, because here you can also choose your race and depending on which you choose your story will slightly change. there are also several romance options here.

dragon age 2 – a bit like origins, different story though. here you have to play a human, less side quests, but still with romance options and the choice of creating the character of your well…character

other ones also are:
neverwinter nights 1, 2
the other elder scrolls series (graphics are a lot worse but the gameplay and storylines are still great)
Jade Dinesty – chinese game, liked this one a lot

sadly dont know any others, i think future games should have this option too as its very popular

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16 Responses to “Skyrim – How to Change your Character in mid-game”

  1. zoeblo paistinpannu says:

    too bad you can’t have cheats on this with ps3 :(

  2. GTAPolice63 says:

    One year ago today and I finally watch 😀

  3. Sean2k10lol says:

    @gamephreak5 umm, most of my friends have console so I’d prefer to have a social life rather then be a little lonely fucking hermit like you.

  4. theflysky23 says:

    your a scrub if you play on PC cause your to scared to play legit on conseoles

  5. gamephreak5 says:

    PC is always the superior version, especially with the feature of using and creating mods.

    You’re a scrub if you play it on console.

  6. kingo9119 says:


  7. SamFlo2010 says:

    You’re a scrub if you play PC.

  8. fututrepilot1 says:

    Thanks man, I finally got rid of the beard on my char’s face. :) :)

  9. Miguel Garcia says:

    you cant consoles suck dick

  10. Daniel Payne says:

    Dawngaurd, theives guild.

  11. weteringoost1 says:

    you keep your items, but do you also keep your skills and level?

  12. 123nickawesome says:

    Okay this works for computer but…. HOW DO YOU EDIT CHARECTER IN MID GAME ON XBOX 360 !!!!????

  13. TheMaximizator says:

    yes but if you change race all your skills go to 0

  14. Coooble says:

    No, this doesn’t work for your shitty ass console. Stop asking.

  15. coolguy338 says:

    Lol skyrim for anything else but PC is a waste of time 😀

  16. ImForbzy says:

    No you didn’t. Shut the fuck up.

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