Skyrim: How to Divorce your wife/remarry/ marry Lydia

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Question : How to divorce your wife in Skyrim?

ALSO If you know please answer this too, If you kill your wife to divorce will you get bounty for it?

Best answers:

Answer by BambooPandah
Dont see her for ten days and she will naturally divorce you. Or you can deal with bounty. :]

Answer by Hannah Happy Hear 360
You can’t divorce them like you do in real life – the only why you can get a new spouse is either kill them or have them accidentally get killed in battle while you have them as a follower.

A note should arrive to you stating that your spouse has been killed.

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18 Responses to “Skyrim: How to Divorce your wife/remarry/ marry Lydia”

  1. RejectJohn says:

    hate to say your inferior console is nothing to a monster PC

  2. mymcr03 says:

    There was a glitch back when I made this that you couldn’t marry her, I didn’t know they fixed that up.

  3. Miscilious says:

    Just putting this out there. You can marry Lydia on consoles too, not just the PC like you stated. I had the option to marry her after I purchased a home in Whiterun but decided to marry Aela the Huntress.

  4. toniravo says:

    She gives you 100 septims per day , And she has a stall , Therefore she cannot die , But i hope she can , She is one ugly Beeeech !!!

  5. DarthLazer97 says:

    Do u know when it will be fixed :)

  6. mymcr03 says:

    There is a glitch currently where she is essential for some reason so she is un-killable

  7. DarthLazer97 says:

    Ysolda wont die. Any help? Im on xbox

  8. Dwedin97 says:

    xbox 360 is still better

  9. computerfreak1230 says:

    console commands is cheating

  10. Yourmum360 says:

    Besides Ps3’s Quality

  11. EliteWarrior13 says:

    ohh ok, thanks.

  12. truthtracker2011 says:

    Marry lydia

  13. mymcr03 says:

    If you read the annotation at the begining of the video it says that the currier might not come at all right now because the game is glitched.

  14. EliteWarrior13 says:

    i caught my wife cheating and i killed her. now i want to remarry but it won’t give me the dialogue option. I’m on ps3.

  15. thecrysis233 says:

    can you do this on xbox

  16. thatcr33pyguy says:

    this guy sounds like a fat kid


    I lost mine also….

  18. mymcr03 says:

    Three things

    Who is she, what platform and where did you last see her?

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