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Question : Skyrim- Dragons flying in sky, how do you get them come down/fight?!?

Been playing Skyrim for a while and every so often i come across a dragon flying in the sky.. how do you get it to come down to fight?! It just flys in circles then after awhile goes away.

Best answers:

Answer by Tutfisken
You go near them and when they attack sometimes they land. Just be patient.

Answer by Jay
Their is a shout for it later on the game – dragonrend.

Otherwise you just have to get closer to it, and normally it flies down towards you and starts attacking you.

Answer by Franky
I worked for Bethesda. The game has far too many bugs to be enjoyable.

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9 Responses to “Skyrim How to Fly”

  1. Wolfman87X says:

    i’ve made everything dwarven at least twice and once superior and im smithing 34

  2. adizzieplumber1 says:

    @MrOmar512 My smithing is lv100! (TIP: just make loads of iron daggers repeatably, trust me, i leveled up from 25 to 100 in three days!)

  3. minecbros says:

    after the shads die they piss them selfs

  4. MrOmar512 says:

    i got 1 hand weapom better than this

  5. TheTexV says:

    okay I looked it up, you can find one in the jail/dungeon in solitude. Its at the very bottom of the dungeon lying around on a table. Idk if the item will be there depending on your level, but id give it a try

  6. MrOmar512 says:

    My smithing is SUCKS :(

  7. TheTexV says:

    I think that I actually looted this axe..But if your smithing is 30 you can make it yourself with 2 dwarven metal ingots, 1 iron ingot, 2 leather strips, and 2 steel ingots

  8. MrOmar512 says:

    how i can get this axe i have the armor boots knife and small axe

  9. DudeWolfx says:

    lolwut man you have responded to 6 of my comments in the past 4 hours

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