Skyrim: How To Get Out Of Whiterun & Secret Chest

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25 Responses to “Skyrim: How To Get Out Of Whiterun & Secret Chest”

  1. Mrkaz1234567 says:

    Yea if your on a comp you can use tcl and every merchant has a chest under the floor

  2. MilesPresents says:

    Their’s another quicker way on my channel

  3. TheBamaGamer says:

    no doesnt work

  4. Frankcadero says:

    Just did it right now it works for everyone who says it don’t they either did it wrong or are trolls.

  5. TacoFade says:

    this actually helped me get out of a bugged companion quest.

  6. nigeleckzdee says:

    no one cares.

  7. GalaticNerd says:

    Also you can get it in the under forge by using the old wooden plate and the wall trick

  8. GalaticNerd says:

    That’s the hard way its easier to just go to the forge whirlwind sprint on to the companions building climb up to the top of the roof whirlwind sprint over the wall and there you go

  9. Xstravi GanZa says:

    i found out how

  10. Xstravi GanZa says:

    you can get out after the patch

  11. owe0071 says:

    it took me 2 hours just to get outside the walls, but thank you

  12. MegaMarty46 says:

    how do u guys find this shit…

  13. Monster19kill says:

    why don’t get out the normal way throgh the gate!!

  14. kingraider7 says:

    i jumped out and then i got a black screen after a while :/

  15. zebu054 says:

    found a much easier way if your interested :) just found it while jackin around lol all you do is get on the smith ladys house (i usually use the smelter to get up there) get on the top then whirlwind sprint over the wall towards the little lookout roof thingy :) dunno what level of it youd need tho srry XP

  16. pancakemix15 says:

    Or, type “tcl” in console ;3

  17. drgontroll says:

    dude it takes like 2-3 min to get back in the map

  18. PS3Commentator says:

    Or less!!

  19. PS3Commentator says:

    Thee is an easier way tthat u do in like 1 min

  20. XxxSucks4UxxX says:

    woah ha i just found this glitch by myself 5 minutes ago, its funny how minds work alike

  21. SuperSizedMcChicken says:

    it is possible to get, and its not worth it to do it because your carry weight sky rockets and it takes like 20 minutes to get back into the map

  22. ChaosLordofAWESOME says:

    The secret chest that he said he couldn’t get? Besides even if it is possible to get, what’s the point in playing the game if you’re just gonna cheat and get things for free?…Dumbass.

  23. SuperSizedMcChicken says:

    thats not what this is for, its for the secret chest dumbass

  24. ChaosLordofAWESOME says:

    By the time I do this I could have just walked out the gate…

  25. Justin Time says:

    There is a much more simple way than any mentioned thing here, you just go to the rocks below the forge (near archery targets but to the right and where the 2 colors divide hold a plate there and use whirlwind. Takes under 10 seconds to get to the chest if done right on first try. I found out by a video that idk where is right now

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