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Question : Is it possible to re recruit more Blades after previous ones have died? *Possible Spoilers* forgive me!?

Ok here’s my story/issue.. So Esbern in his infinite wisdom advices me that their is a dragon to be hunted in ShearPoint, so I choose to take on this quest, simple enough. So I told him to have the blades meet me there (like everyone else does). This is the troubling part. On my way to ShearPoint I happen to run into a Blood dragon (ice) destroying some Necro’s and a giant… So I decide “what the hell”, I jump in and kill the contestants except that damn dragon which I figured flew off.. Wrong. When I get to ShearPoint I see a dragon on a perch still as can be (glitch) like a statue I figured oh just a statue then Wrong again, the damn thing flies into the sky and the blades stand at my back thrusting arrow’s in this beast. Anyway so that Dragon from before decides to join the party so this get’s pretty interesting 4 warriors vs two dragons ok what ever a good fight in on deck (and for most this is no threat). This quest goes all well till I run a bit far out to regenerate some health, as I evade for a sec all of a sudden this Dragon priestess looking thing (Krosis) levitate out of a coffin, right in front of me… Now I’am thinking “oh ****” this guy looks pissed and tough, so now it’s two Blood dragons (fire&Ice) and Krosis which is tossing some destructive fire bolts from a staff our way.. any way (I swear the question lies up ahead let me tell my grand story) So I kill with the blades these dragons and Krosis wasn’t easy for me, my health potions were all gone and magika and stamina went down 5 or 6 bottles so long story short I survived got my shout and looted the dragons and their friend. So now I look around only to find one of my blades the other two I find are deceased.. Damn! so I go to Skyhaven where their bodies appear laying side by side now after all that, simple question:

?Can you re recruit new members to fill in for the deceased or are you just S.O.L?

By the way I told the long story cause I figured some can appreciate how in this game you can get into sticky situations like the one I had, and totally work with it. Curve balls left and right. This game is badass. If anyone has a tale in skyrim they would like to post along with an answer please lol go right ahead so this didn’t totally waste your time 😉

And apologies if this wasted anyones time

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Answer by JetFire
I am in the same situation as you are. I bealive yes because when I gave her (Delphine) a third person she said 3 is the only people she can handle for now.. “For Now” so since the other two died she has room for 2 more people. If you bring a guy there and the option dones’nt show up go sleep or do your own quests and wait about a week of 5 days (Skyrim days) and try again. If not then i dont know why because it worked for me.

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  1. Shadowite Dura Zepp says:

    you could do this if your not on pc, but if you are, you could just type Player.(Setav/Modav) ShoutRecoveryMult 0

  2. L.J. Rybczyk says:

    Soul tear

  3. CRAZTSNIPER says:

    @TheSlapShut I had that problem. I solved it by just drinking my high percentage fortify restoration potion. then make a fortify enchanting potion using blue butterfly wing and snowberry’s when you drink the enchanting potion hurry and enchant a ring or something with alchemy but not a neckless. Wear the enchanted item Then it’s permanent unlimited shouts

  4. bensmythdyerbe says:

    No it dont cuz it gliches so umm ..yeah u get unlim shouts su its pretty baddas

  5. TheSlapShut says:

    It disappears after 60 seconds….

  6. Jhon symon panilagao says:

    It destroyed my shouts :(

  7. MegaPapercreations says:

    There is a perk in the archery tab.

  8. skyrimfanman777 says:

    I play on the ps3 to but how do you focus your breath when firering an arrow?

  9. Nexures says:

    naah. i hate alchemy in skyrim. i always go for my weapon 😛

  10. TheLastBaka says:

    If you’re reffering to the hella good potions, he already made a video on it /watch?v=UtMNlfpeFPM&list=SP1FAD6D437BEE4C17&index=6&feature=plpp_video .

  11. Nexures says:

    omg.. a pewdiecunt and a shitoby fanboy called me a retard O.o get a fucking life

  12. Nexures says:

    yeah because making a “how to” video without showing how to is legit.
    learn some manners too, go out, interact with people etc. it really helps :)

  13. Mark Cortes says:

    He said search it up retard.

  14. bred crums says:


  15. Nexures says:

    yeah but you didnt show us what to fucking do

  16. bthe s gsd says:

    Call dragon ;_;

  17. Battle scout says:


  18. HeGivesSalvation says:

    No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  19. CheckMa7e says:

    Does the amulet already need to be equiped when you drink the potion or does it not matter?

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