Skyrim | how to level up Alteration quickly

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Question : skyrim:how can i level up alteration fast?

ello, i found an easy way to level up illusion quickly, just spamming muffle, but my alteration is below level 50, its level 20, is there a quick way for me to level it up?

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Answer by Dick
usee it on skeevers and anyone you find out in the world that you dislike

Answer by oracewx
you can either find someone who is a master/expert in alteration and ask them to teach you. (can increase 5 levels for every level up) or you can keep spamming alteration spells and it’ll level up naturally.

Answer by MrGrieves
Get yourself one or a few enchanted items that make casting alteration spells cheap, you’ll need them if you want to do this quick unless you have an ass-tonne of magika/magika regen. Go to north coast or any coastal region. Find yourself some slaughterfish and pick a fight with them, spam-cast oak/stone/iron-skin. You can do this in any fight, so long as you’re counted as ‘in combat’ while doing it, slaughterfish are just safe. This is also the method for quick-leveling conjuration more or less, just cast a bound sword/dagger in each hand, sheath them, and re-cast over and over while in combat with any foe

Answer by Cuba
Start early on if possible. Every time you are in combat with anything make sure to cast an armor skill (ie. Oakflesh). This should allow it to level up at least somewhat close with you other combat based magic skills (ie.Destruction).

If you just wanted to spam level it (CHEESE ALERT!) find an enemy that you can trap so that they cannot hit you, but you are still in combat. Mash an alteration spell over and over until it is 100.

(This also works with other schools, Conjuration goes up fast this way.)

Answer by Minozar
1) Use Skill Trainers such as this guy:

2) use alteration spells a lot before and during combats!

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18 Responses to “Skyrim | how to level up Alteration quickly”

  1. Cdog291 says:

    ha I found this spell when I went to go kill my first dragon

  2. rexrulls says:

    Then try to level up to level 50, you can use the oakflesh spell or the stoneflesh spell and get hit ,you can also use the “Detect life” spell if you got it somehow.

  3. RevelationsWarfare says:

    I did. I went to the college guy, and all he had was magelight and stoneflesh (which I already have), and then I went to a bunch of court wizards in different towns, but they didn’t have it either. :(

  4. rexrulls says:

    I’m not sure, I went to another computer and for some reason it gave me an option to buy but on my pc it didn’t let me, just try to buy it.

  5. RevelationsWarfare says:

    I thought you need to level up your Alteration to 50 before getting Telekinesis?

  6. rexrulls says:

    Weird, what game version do you have?
    Try to update it.

  7. makhail1630 says:

    im stuck at level 23

  8. turbossmith says:

    its not different everyperson, theres Equilibrium, and theres a random spell book. the random one just so happened to be telekinesis for him

  9. rexrulls says:

    i past forward the video in an editing program just to show that you can level up with this.

  10. tilltheend17 says:

    how were you doing that so fast

  11. rexrulls says:

    Try to buy Telekinesis from Tolfdir at the college of winterhold.

  12. BK4450 says:

    Same i got equibilarium

  13. KAMlNSKI says:

    I found this spell in a giant camp!

  14. guardianofdeth says:

    dam my telekinesis didnt show up but i did get equaliriam

  15. jamieac2308 says:

    its a different book for every person

  16. rexrulls says:

    You will have to get hit to level up.

  17. FunnySkyrimMoments says:

    @rexrulls no all i can find is a spell call iron flesh

  18. rexrulls says:

    Its there, im 100% sure, I checked twice.
    when you enter the cave its on a table from the right.

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