Skyrim lvl 100 smithing and enchanting fast

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Question : How to increase my enchanting fast in skyrim?

I want to get my enchanting to 100 but I don’t know what the fastest way is. Someone help me up

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Answer by zaros104
Have you used all of the NPC trainers yet? I know there is one at the college, but I do not know the location of the others. Also not sure if breaking down items with enchantments gives xp, but I would assume that would be the fastest if it does. I have atleast 50 enchanted rings at my house, so that would be killer xp.

Answer by Dane
buy a bunch of cheap rings and a bunch of petty soul gems that are filled and just make heaps of enchanted rings, the more you use the skill the faster you will level.

Answer by Zed Saint
Name: Hamal
Rank: Master
Location: Temple of Dibella, Inner sanctum. Markarth

Name: Sergius Turrioo
Rank: Expert
Location: Winterhold College, main room or Hall of Countenance

^ Trainers
This is a guide to making fast money that also helps raising your Enchantment and Smithing skills. If you ask me, enchant anything and everything that you won’t be needing. Good luck

In order to make lots of gold fast you need to do a few simple tasks. Firstly, buy as much Iron bars, Iron Ore and Leather as you can find. Most Smithing stores sell it, most towns have a blacksmith. Once you’ve gathered all your Iron Bars, go to a forge, I suggest using the one in Whiterun because there are 2 blacksmiths in the same building that sell Iron Bars and Leather, they do not share an inventory. Change all your Iron Bars and Ore into Iron Daggers, the Bars cost about 20 Gold each, the Leather costs about 25 gold each. To save yourself cash use the Thief Guilds cowl for cheaper items or anything else you have that increase speech. Each Dagger costs about 60-70 gold to make, they sell for mere coppers. The trick here is to enchant them.

Using Absorb Health Enchantment and it works well but if you can get Banish, that will make this far more profitable. All you need to do it find an item with that Enchantment and Disassemble it, you can then use the Absorb Health Enchantment to Enchant your Iron Daggers with. You need a lot of Soul Gems for this method, you can purchase them from most Taverns. Don’t spend Gold on filled Souls or it’s not worth it, I suggest buying Common Soul Gems or lesser. You can then sell the Enchanted Iron Daggers for 200-500+, the better the Soul, the more profit you can make so if you can catch the Souls yourself, that’s easy cash. Especially if you use a Soul Trap weapon and Azuras Star. I suggest using the Enchanting table in Dragons Reach as it’s easy to get to and the guy there sells Gems. Once you’ve completed this method once, wait 48 hours and make the same trip to each Blacksmith, this time sell the Daggers as you’re buying more Iron.

Answer by Tyler Fay
First go to all the mage stores( usially their is one inside each cities keep) and buy all the petty,lesser and common soul gems. Next go around using soul trap and killing enemies to fill up your gems. Once you fill them all up, go to the cloths store in solitude and buy alot of cloths/boots/hats. Their really cheap. Now all you have to do is enchant all of the cloths. Im currently lvl 82 from this method.

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23 Responses to “Skyrim lvl 100 smithing and enchanting fast”

  1. scarl350 says:

    hey CHEAT SKYRIM GOLD 99999 ANd sneak and press e someone and give 99999999999 gold…he rick PC man

  2. 13ossGames says:

    the banish enchantment is the one that is worth the most so you make money when doing this

  3. lloydletkey says:

    cheers mate it works helped alot and the walk through was really clear and easy to understand 10 outta 10

  4. Nikolaos Willis says:

    it’s better to use petty soul gems

  5. z2dd100 says:

    how come yours is going fast and mine is leveling up slow i wasted 10,000 gold on this and i am only on 55 help please!

  6. xXspicyhotguyXx says:

    doesnt work any more

  7. thiagovalle90 says:

    actualy, the perk allure gives 10% better prices on a merchant of opposite sex, agent of disable is 10% more damage opposite sex. theres more male npcs.


    Don’t make your character a girl in a game of you are a male irl…

  9. LuLuLuIGotSomeApple1 says:

    @Captain Bsnott Wow. . . this acually works. Thanks it helped me alot!

  10. noah bablitz says:

    i did not know that i will try… but on a different character ’cause i already level my guys smiting 100 with iron.

  11. noah bablitz says:

    make iron armor or banded iron armor it levels more quickly the armor has the almost exact same cost only armor need strips and ingots well dager only need one dagger f***ing forever level up with

  12. Captain Bsnott says:


    1. Buy/Mine Iron Ore
    2. Go to Halted Stream Camp
    3. Kill all of them
    4. Take the Transmute Mineral Ore spell in the mine
    5. Transform all the iron into gold ore
    6. Smelt the gold
    7. Make gold rings


  13. CrazyAssassin16 says:

    What do you use for cost is it coin or magic

  14. seymur41142 says:

    you even earn lots of money if u enchant daggers with ‘  banish’ 2000 septims for a dagger

  15. Patrick Kronberg says:

    i like the part when he says sme-aa instead of smelter

  16. EricM818 says:

    even tho this doesnt work as well any more because of the patch that gives you experience based on value if the item, this tutorial took advantage of that “bug” and that also applied to enchanting so you would want to buy the lowest gems. also if you enchant something with soul trap or firey soul trap, you could fill your own over time. collect gems when you can and every so often check to see if you have alot filled. it also helps to enchant with most valuble enchantment. like turn undead.

  17. MachinimaThePro says:

    i know this sounds a little bit strange to ask, but pls answere me.

    when i try to us enchanter, it says i have to have enchanter. wat do i do

  18. MachinimaThePro says:

    pls tell me where you found eboney weapon.

    im a legendary player on skyrim and have heavy armour in 193 skill and my best weapond have 102 in damage.

  19. W4rDr1v3r0 says:

    and the games mechanics are still as broken as ever

  20. W4rDr1v3r0 says:

    I wonder why ppl don’t just use player.forceav smithing 100 then player.forceav enchanting 100, if the purpuse is to fast level… there is no way faster then that… oh and if you need like moar just player.rewardxp 100000 and be over with it…

  21. brian fernandez says:

    Lol make that two arrows in the knee

  22. XDyHhX says:

    What about the new update huh?

  23. Butt4Cake says:

    when you only buy leather and leather strips and then go under hide and craft hide brances. I made me lv 100 in smithing like that and it was much easier and didn`t cost so much!

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