Skyrim Mods – Skyrim [PC] Console Commands(Cheats): Add Gold,Level up,Change race,Kill/Resurrect

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18 Responses to “Skyrim Mods – Skyrim [PC] Console Commands(Cheats): Add Gold,Level up,Change race,Kill/Resurrect”

  1. OCDforCOD says:

    Nice accent bro.

  2. MrGeEkL33T says:

    ~/` nobody knows the name, but it’s the Tilda key

  3. NevillandMorrison says:

    He said I hope you lied it??

  4. detectoboy says:

    is that yes

  5. F0rdMustang95 says:

    type “psb”, your welcome

  6. Joshua Mouret says:

    Can you still use mods if you just got the game and ignored nexus cause i just wanna use the regular please respond!

  7. RenzoRaptor says:

    cuz you suck! HAHAHAH

  8. Garfulon says:

    lol u fail, putting adfly so you get paid for a website we can access without your help

  9. JAKETHESNAKE5467 says:

    where is the download button

  10. Timothy Cravetz says:

    more console commands: tgm= toggle god mode= 9999999+ hp, mana, and stamina. im= immortal mode=9999999+ hp. what is the one for all map locations? tell me! i also want to know how to make cheese wheels and daedra hearts. help plz. thx.

  11. Arroran says:

    kill doesn’t work wth me :(

  12. GrimReaperLive says:


  13. EpicTanooki64 says:

    AWESOME!! thanks man! :D

  14. bigbomberbob says:

    everytime i enter a console command it says the script is not save please help

  15. xxUNKNOWxxGR says:


  16. Myaccountbastards says:

    *Facepalm* its still the fucking game nothing is different

  17. xxxxxxxMW3xxxxxxx says:

    R there console commands if you downloaded the game free?

  18. jaffer jaffers says:

    i did race change my health and stamina magicka resetted –..– but subbed and liked

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