Skyrim One-Hand & Dual-Wield Complete 1H Guide

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Question : How to upgrade one handed weapons in Skyrim?

Can someone please tell me all the ways to upgrade one handed weapons in Skyrim? I know you can enchant armor and buy amulets and rings but are there more ways? Thanks a bunch :)

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Answer by Andrew
You can take your weapon(s) over to a grind stone (The seat thing with a grind stone) and see what materials are needed for the upgrade. You can then buy or make the materials necessary, and then take them and the weapon to the grind stone and upgrade it. Hope this was helpful!

Answer by Michael
As you use it, you will gain one handed skill levels. As the level increases, your damage increases. Also, you can improve it at the grindstone based on your smithing level. Also, you can get perks that increase damage.

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16 Responses to “Skyrim One-Hand & Dual-Wield Complete 1H Guide”

  1. yutubemerda says:

    Were these “critical damage” bugs fixed with updates and new releases (Dawnguard, Hearthfire)?

  2. heyschmdty says:

    *commas and periods

  3. ILCOVERU says:

    some people are left handed 😛

  4. FullmetalHeart20 says:

    You just saved me 5 perk points!

  5. bts1911 says:

    Very informative, thanks!

  6. XxBiskitsxX says:

    You make AWESOME skyrim vids 😀

  7. Sandokiri says:

    The dual wield power attack is slow if you use two daggers, because the startup includes reversing your grip on the right-hand dagger. You can see that at 2:20 if you look at the fork.

  8. RaGnOeRaWrZzZ says:

    Could you make a video, with the “best looking” combo with the dagger and sword, and then another one for the “strongest” dagger and sword, please and thank you =)

  9. Nathan Ness says:

    no he has just studied the game… like me!

  10. XgamersXdimensions says:

    there is alwas that one asshole on the BEST video. People today…

  11. ShadowPa1adin says:

    Dawnguard Rune Axe is my favorite weapon to get the axe perks with. Bleeding damage for living enemies, ans it’s unique enchantment makes it more powerful against the undead with every vampire, draugr, or dragon priest you kill with it.

  12. sikoladas1 says:

    you’re a sick bitch

  13. danielkohzh says:

    Wow u know like EVERYTHING about skyrim

  14. Dann858 says:

    You can master all crafting skills if you want to. It’s your choise to create and USE the potions/enchanted gear that make your weapons doing insane damage.

  15. Dann858 says:

    You could use daggers for dual wielding. Though if you want to have a more damage output. Put a dagger in the left hand and a sword in the right, this makes the game adjust your dualwield-attackspeed to the attackspeed of the dagger.

  16. Billy Snowy says:

    So if i wanna dual wirlding,dont use dual dagger?? Why?

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