Skyrim Secret Glitch Chest SOLITUDE (infinite gold)

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Question : Liberation of skyrim glitch, can’t attack solitude?

I’ve been having a lot of issues with this quest. I have done most of it, but now I’m stuck and I have no idea what to do. On my quest log, under liberation of skyrim, it says this:

() Liberate Haafingar
(x) Liberate the Pale
(x) Liberate Hjaalmarch
(x)Liberate Falkreath Hold
() Report to Ulfric Stormcloak

These are the quests I have completed relating to the questline:

The Battle for Fort Hraggstad
The Battle for Fort Dunstad
The Battle for Fort Snowhawk
A False Front
Rescue from Fort Neugrad
Battle for Whiterun
Message to Whiterun
The Jagged Crown
Joining the Stormcloaks

Right now, I have Liberation of Skyrim as my only active quest. I have 2 markers on my radar, one that points to Galmar Stone-Fist and one that points to Ulfric Stormcloak.

When I talk to Galmar, he says “We’re ready to launch our attack on solitude, but the emperor’s cousin is getting married! We can’t risk attacking now. So we’ll bide our time.” He says this without going into a chat menu, so I can’t say anything back to him.

When I talk to Ulfric Stormcloak, the speech menu opens up, and when I pick “What’s next?” he says back “We’re ready to march on Solitude, but the emperor’s cousin is getting married! We can’t afford an all out war with the empire, so we’ll bide our time.” None of the other speech options do anything to advance the quest.

I have no idea what to do. Nothing I can do now seems to advance the quest in any way. anyone else having this issue?

Best answers:

Answer by Lankey
Do the Dark Brotherhood quest line and you will have to deal with the wedding (in a possibly hilarious manor)


Answer by Killsaurous599
The emperor’s cousin dialogue has to do with the Dark Brotherhood quest line. The so-called “glitch” is most likely not a glitch. It is probably something intentional put into the game so people who choose to do the Dark Brotherhood quest are able to. I’m not sure how you are going to fix this aside from doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line and completing the quest.

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  1. LieutenantDangle1958 says:

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  2. Dkalexo says:

    Go inside the tent and look at the ground croutched on the right when you enter. Its there :)

  3. iskipmeals4games says:

    Where is the merchent so I can refresh the chest?

  4. XvHazzavX says:

    Yeah thnx, i only realised what i posted after i did. lol :)

  5. DaNGeRizHere says:

    yea dude it does just did 😉

  6. shadowghost5000 says:

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  7. K2Rclan2 says:

    skyrime time

  8. TheCommentUser says:

    Yes it does, just do the same as him, and you will find it.
    I did :)

  9. TheElectroflip says:

    A Khajiit.

  10. TheFunkyman1998 says:

    poor kajiits enyone how played this game steal this goods from dawnstar and solitude :)

  11. MrAman707 says:

    obviously in skyrim time

  12. BonanzaGamer says:


  13. AxeSkuII says:

    In skyrim

  14. jleeireland says:

    The stuff you get is determined by your skill level.

  15. jleeireland says:

    48 hours in Skyrim time. You can use the wait option.

  16. XvHazzavX says:

    Does he mean 48 hours in real life? Or in skyrim time? Please help! :) nice vid btw

  17. 2rst1en says:

    A Cat man

  18. mcskinny123 says:

    Clearly you are new here…. If you thought they didn’t update the game.

  19. Jackreadslol says:

    it doesnt work on ps3 WTF ?

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  21. Lightsofdev1negaming says:

    WTF kajeets in the way! Help?

  22. blackice123417 says:

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