Xbox 360 – Official Skyrim Mods Save Before Character Creation

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19 Responses to “Xbox 360 – Official Skyrim Mods Save Before Character Creation”

  1. ScottishUrban says:

    PSB Saves include
    1337 Modded Save
    Personal Save
    Imperial Project ORC

    Modded magic like Midad spells are not available for the Xbox 360.

    PSB/All spells ingame + Developers.

  2. LILBEEFCAKE101 says:

    okay so my bf has been trying to find me a save with modded magic and has had no luck x elysian x pleases help us……

  3. lmno567 says:

    Don’t you get the updates automatically? Should be the first thing to happen as long as you are logged into xbox live(online).

  4. poco146 says:

    when i click on the link it says its not found? why is that? can you help me?

  5. ImmFloww says:

    Yoi should try mod the character creation like the pc one

  6. codywells13 says:

    i downlaoded this save and everything i put it on my xbox and went to load it and it says “this saved game was created on a later version of the game please instal any updates” can u post a video of where to get these up dates or if i did something wrong?

  7. kinggaunt says:

    OMFG! DUDE I LOVE YOU!!!! I HONESTLY LOVE YOU!!! Your the best guy i have ever seen on youtube!!

  8. DatGizzyLoc says:

    Fuck who’s been askin for god mode !!! Please stop !

  9. MrDanderskoff says:

    ‘FACE PALM’ this fucking save is before fucking anything its fucking character creation!

  10. TheXclusiveClan says:

    Can this work if you’ve already leveled up

  11. YoKeroTacoBell says:

    i have horizon and winrar …..
    but when downloading gamesave it says windows cant open file …. use web to find source( web page doesn’t work) … or use program to open file …….. any ideas? using windows 7 btw

  12. rayat0ms says:

    YESSS i completely agree! however i just want a save with infinite gold, not all the items. cuz in the end when you have good skills, it adds hours to gameplay if you hunt for armor and stuff 😛 infinite gems would be nice tho! (:

  13. xLehotsky88x says:

    Nice tutorial man!

  14. JavierKPMS says:


  15. JavierKPMS says:

    like ur keyboard, they do work im playing on it right now

  16. OhrZ27 says:

    your download mods dont wark

  17. macmegon says:

    Can’t you make this with a lvl 1 character with all items please?

  18. AUSGamersFTW says:

    well to get the “Golden Touch” acievment u just drop ALL ur gold in a chest or barrel then pick it back up then u have the “Golden Touch”

  19. JackH152 says:

    He’s already done something like that, title of the video is “Xbox 360 – Official Skyrim Mods – Best save ever” uploaded on the 8 March

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